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Lincoln Electric the world pioneer in manufacture of arc welding items

At Lincoln welder Canada, the company expects to be the pioneers in the welding business. With inventive items and momentous portfolio, the company has proof to be a leader in the welding business since its establishing in 1895. The positive disposition, decided approach and innovative arrangements convey fabulous welding solutions available to all. At Lincoln welder Canada, the company offers an extensive variety of Welding Consumables for assorted applications in ventures like car/transportation, general fabrication, heavy fabrication, upkeep and repair, pipeline, pipe process, power generation & process, lng, nuclear, pressure vessel, thermal energy, wind power, automation, weld fume control, shipbuilding and basic.


The vast lists of product items incorporate welding equipment, cutting equipment, automation, guns & torches, welding and cutting apparatus, accessories, retail. The Lincoln product range includes welding consumables in a comprehensive range of grades for the following welding processes. In welding division of Lincoln welder Canada, the welding services cater through MIG welding, TIG welding, STICK welding, submerged arc welding, wire feeders etc. There are also various weld fume control services like portable units, mobile units, downdraft tables, general filtration, fume extraction gun & many more. Welding materials development always goes along with the development of new steel grades at Lincoln welder Canada.

Lincoln’s products for welding of stainless steel and nickel alloys are characterized by chemical composition to consistency between heats and batches and close tolerances, contributing to trouble-free welding and high-quality welding joints.

Welding wire and welding rods


Lincoln welding wire and rods are filler metals optimized for MIG, TIG and submerged-arc welding. These are available in high performance stainless steels and nickel alloys, designed to increase productivity and lower production cost.

Welding stick electrodes


Stick electrodes are used in submerged  metal arc welding (SMAW).Extremely robust welding is possible with very high productivity levels at Heavy fabrication, Pressure piping, Petrochemical, Pressure vessels etc.


Flux cored wire electrodes


Flux cored arc welding is a versatile welding method and is an important complement to other welding processes. At Lincoln welder Canada, it  has a wide range of flux cored electrodes for welding stainless steels designed to increase productivity and lower production cost.

Throughout the years, Lincoln welder Canada has constructed a reputation for offering esteem weld items to its clients and has made a specialty for itself in welding field. Today Lincoln welder Canada, appreciates wide an accreditation and utilization.

Tuned in to the goal of offering its clients quality, innovation and economics, the manufacturing infrastructure of Lincoln welder Canada has been worked to guarantee that the product has all these features. The manufacturing and testing equipment have been extraordinarily chosen remembering their capacities to create stringent quality items. A group of all-around prepared work force guarantees production of products that meet worldwide quality and the standards determined by the customers.

The steady advancement of welding procedures is a critical piece of this work and goes far in understanding the key goal of profiting the client. At Lincoln welder Canada innovative work, technique is to persistently enhance its welding procedures. The Company tries to grow new, excellent product families speedier, with the essential concentrate on long- term benefits.